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Minority Business Empowerment Program Application

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DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: The MBEP is designed to provide support and resources to small businesses. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the program, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or success for individual participants. Participation in the program does not guarantee financial or business success, and results may vary based on various factors including market conditions, individual effort, and external factors beyond our control. By participating in this program, you acknowledge and accept these terms and understand that the program organizers, partners, funders, or affiliates are not liable for any outcomes or consequences and may share data for the purposes of program improvement, reporting and evaluation, and research and analysis resulting from your participation. Data sharing helps us to demonstrate the impact of our program, secure continued support and help us better understand the challenges faced by minority-owned businesses and develop strategies to address them. All data will be treated confidentially and with privacy. If you are not accepted into the program and elect not to be waitlisted, your data will be purged from our systems.